• Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot scented candle 70g

Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot scented candle 70g

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Pack a luxury natural wax scented candle when you go travelling so you can continue to enjoy your daily bathing ceremony surrounded by your favourite fragrance. Essential oils release their perfume as the candle burns for up to 18 hours to provide the perfect ambience.


Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot – An uplifting scent that rebalances the emotions and brings things into perspective.

Our 100% natural wax scented candle instantly transforms a humble hotel bathroom into a luxurious, exotic spa, for more enjoyment of your daily bathing ceremony. Perfect as stand-by gifts and dinner party favours.


• 100% natural wax • Blended fragrant oils


Hand poured candles, made in small batches to maintain the highest of standards, using 100% pure wax for clean, even burning. Abahna essential oils are sourced from the world's finest. Free from petroleum for lower carbon emissions.